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Development Plan




1. Pay equal attention to both theory and practice.
    The learning atmosphere in the Department of Music is great. Apart from establishing students music academic foundation during the four-year course, University Anniversary Concert and Professional Competition is held in the first semester and Music Festival is held in the second semester each year to allow students to actually perform what they have learned in classes.
2. Give consideration to both classic and modern music.
    The Department of Music focuses western classical music as the development priority while also valuing the impact of modern digital technology on music. Hence, courses related to the topic are provided to stimulate students to have new concept and new thinking.
3. Value the cultivation of soft skills.
    The interaction between students and teachers in Department of Music is of excellence. Students communication ability, teamwork ability, problem solving ability, ability to create, self-management ability and life-long learning ability can be cultivated through class concert and graduation concert tour. The learning atmosphere that is of spontaneity, encouragement, interaction and self-discipline is created.
4. Value international exchange.
    The environment of the university is beautiful and the cultural atmosphere is strong. Hence, it is a must pass through place for many foreign experts when they visit Taiwan. Students are very lucky to be in the right place at the right time to receive rich and diversified cultural stimulation very often. Overseas concert tour held by graduates is obviously the tradition of the Department of Music. The 2007 graduates went to China for academic exchange performance with students from East China Normal University of Shanghai and Soochow University. The 2009 graduates performed in Singapore. The 2010 graduates went to Hong Kong and Macau and organized a concert tour. This year, students and teachers from Iwate University of Japan and East China Normal University of Shanghai visited National Dong Hwa University to learn from each other. All of the above activities are to declare our determination to try our best to reach the goal.
5. Promote career Internship for students.
      In order to allow students to combine theory and practice more efficiently, the Department of Music guides students to different arts institutions through career internship course to actually participate in relative work while coping with individual interest and future workplace needs. During the summer holiday this year (2010), the students practically served as the staff in many major concerts or served as the trainee in music classes in many counties and cities in Taiwan. Apart from allowing the students to understand more about their own ability, this internship activity also permitted the teachers of the Department of Music to understand the students learning status more firmly through the self-evaluation mechanism between the employers and the students. The teachers can also help students with future career plan whenever appropriate. 

1.     Establish music performance centers and academic research centers in Eastern Taiwan.

2.     Promote our international academic exchange activities to provide students with the opportunities to participate in unique cultural experiences and conduct academic research, which contributes to the students’ future success.


1. Pursue Advanced Study: Continue to pursue Master’s Degree or PhD Degree or study aboard to seek better development in the music career. 
2. Obtain Employment: Serve as music teacher in elementary school, orchestra musician, music critic and digital music editor in cultural and creative industry or establish music workshop or serve as private tutor.