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Programs & Curriculum


Bachelors degree

The Department cultivates music as a universal and contemporary art; it combines higher education with professional training and experience in diverse musical areas such as piano, vocal, composition, songwriting, strings, winds, percussion and Jazz.

Our curriculum is based on helping our students clarify their learning goals, find their career direction and connect with future employers. The Music Department allows students to study and practice with talented resident artist-teachers and guest artists who are specialists in their musical style.

Furthermore, our students are educated with fundamental academic standards offered by the College of Arts, our Departments core curriculum and other optional programs also offered by the Music Department.


Masters degree

An advanced course of study for musicians who hold a bachelors degree and who seek graduate musical training to prepare themselves more fully for careers as professional musicians.

1. Piano

2. Vocal

3. Choir Conductorship

4. Strings

5. Jazz Studies

In addition, we offer optional courses such as world music, music education, music psychology and music therapy.