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Future Prospects

1. Establish music performance centers and academic research centers in Eastern Taiwan.

2. Promote our international academic exchange activities to provide students with the opportunities to participate in unique cultural experiences and conduct academic research, which contributes     to the students’ future success.


 Music Students Career Opportunities after Graduation

1. Continue the pursuit of academic advanced studies in music.

2. Study abroad to enhance the development of musical skills.

3. Obtain employment in the musical professions such as, orchestra     musician, school music teacher, music critic or digital music editor in the cultural and creative industries.


Our Values 

1. Pay equal attention to both theoretical and practical training.

2. Continue on teaching basic and developmental programs.

3. Promote ongoing interdisciplinary workshops.

4. Cultivate the spirit of humanistic social skills.

5. Advocate the importance of international exchanges between universities.

6. Support and encourage local aboriginal music and culture.

7. Offer and expand career internships for students.